Products :: CD Recorders :: AD-RW900

AD-RW900 - CD/Cassette Player/Recorder with USB connection


CD-Recorder Section:

  • CD Recording from Cassette, USB, Digital-In, AUX
  • Supports CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 Disc
  • Rec Level Control for Analogue Source Recording
  • Auto/Manual Track Increment
  • Program, Repeat (1/ALL/Program/A-B), Shuffle, Intro Play
  • CD Timer Play Ready

Cassette Section:

  • Cassette Recording from CD, USB, Digital-In, AUX
  • Auto Reverse Cassette Deck (Rec/Play)
  • Pitch Control
  • Dolby B Noise Reduction
  • Rec Level Control with Level Meter
  • Cassette Timer Rec/Play Ready

Front USB Section:

  • MP3 Recording and MP3/WMA Playback
  • USB Timer Play Ready

Rear USB Section:

  • USB Audio Output from CD, Cassette, Digital-In, AUX, USB to PC
  • MP3/WMA/PCM Recording on PC/Mac


  • LCD Display with Level Meter
  • Headphone Jack with Level Control
  • Remote Control