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TN-400S - Belt-driven Turntable with S-shaped Tone Arm


Inspiring Analog Performance for the Digital World

Combining high style with high fidelity, TEAC’s new TN-400S is the vinyl word in modern turntables. Featuring three-speed operation and an S-shaped tone arm the TN-400S weds cutting edge performance with a sleek, stylish design. Forged from TEAC’s decades of innovation in audiophile analog and digital technology, the TN-400S combines an all new motor assembly, phono and line level outputs and integrated digital conversion to deliver a modern rendition of old-school cool. Give one a spin. 

Color Variations

TN-400S in Walnut
TN-400S-WA (Walnut)
TN-400S in Matte Red
TN-400S-MR (Matte Bordeaux)


High performance Three-speed turntable with built-in Phono Amplifier and USB output.



■ Precision belt-drive turntable

The TN-400S features both a Neoprene® coated, high-inertia aluminum die-cast platter driven by a high torque-DC motor and a newly designed, low-friction spindle delivering precise speed consistency and tonal accuracy.


■ A powerful combination of form and function

The heavy MDF cabinet is designed to minimize unwanted resonance, while  the sleek, matte finishes deliver a sophisticated and stylish accent to any design scheme.

■ MM type cartridge phono equalizer amplifier

Enjoy your favorite vinyl with any amplifier. The TN-400s supports both phono and line level output, allowing you to play vinyl with or without a phono equalizer.

■ Built-in USB Digital Output and Analog Phono/Line Output

The TI-made Analog to Digital converter allows you to transfer music via USB to your PC for easy archiving of your vinyl collection. In addition, a pair of gold-plated RCA connectors are employed for reliable, durable conncetions to your receiver's Line Level or Phono inputs.

■ Corrosion resistant gold plated terminals

Gold-plated terminals on the headshell conncetors prevent oxidation of the head shell connectors and help to ensure years of realible performence and to deliver stunning audio fidelity.

■ Static balanced S-shape tone arm

Static-balanced S-shape Tone-arm with Universal Head-shell ensures fast and easy setup and delivers excellent tracking 

■ 3-speed Turntable including 33-1/3, 45, and 78 RPM for LP/EP record playback

The TN-400S will play LPs, EPs, and singles at 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. When combined with the high quality analog-to-digital conversion capabilities of the TN-400S, this powerful turntable is the ideal choice for enjoying - and archiving- your favorite music. 

■ audio-technica AT100E MM(VM)type phonograph cartridge

The TN-400S comes with a replaceable audio-technica AT100E MM equivalent cartridge designed for  highly accurate reading. As soon as you set up the TN-300, you can enjoy the high quality sound with outstanding clarity and detail.


Turntable Comparison


 TN-400S  TN-300 TN-200 
Width 16.5" 16.5" 16.5"
Motor Belt Drive Belt Drive Belt Drive
Speed 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM 33 1/3, 45 RPM 33 1/3, 45 RPM
Platter Aluminum Aluminum ALUMINUM
Included mat Felt Rubber Rubber
Cartridge audio-technica AT100E
MM equivalent cartridge (replaceable)
※Made in Japan
audio-technica AT95E 
MM cartridge (replaceable) 
※Made in Japan
Chuden MM cartridge
"TEAC Original Version"(replaceable) 
※Made in Japan
Arm S-shaped Straight Straight
Arm holder Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Counterweight Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Headshell Aluminum, removable Aluminum, removable Aluminum, removeable
Arm return Manual, with lifter Manual, with lifter Manual, with lifter
Preamp Yes Yes Yes
USB output Yes Yes Yes
Cabinet Wood, matte finish Wood, gloss finish Wood, matte finish
Feet Aluminum/rubber Aluminum/Rubber Rubber

Feature List

  • Three-Speed Turntable plays all the hits – both old and new
  • Aluminum Die-cast Platter and upgraded motor assembly provide years of service and stability
  • Newly designed, low-friction spindle reduces platter drag, resulting in enhanced speed consistency and tonal accuracy
  • Integrated USB Port for Digital Output allows PC Recording for easy archiving 
  • Anti-skating Mechanism stays in the groove so you can stay in the groove
  • Static-balanced S-shape Tone-arm with Universal Head-shell for improved tracking 
  • Built-in Phono EQ Amplifier and Switchable Phono/Line Outputs ensures easy setup with any Amp or Receiver 
  • High-density MDF Chassis dampens vibrations and delivers rock solid performance
  • Detachable Dust Cover enables you to customize the experience to fit your own personal style
  • Upgraded Audio-Technica AT100E MM equivalent cartridge for accurate and detailed sound reproduction 
  • Available in both Natural Walnut and Matte Bordeaux finishes