TEAC Corporation's Policy and Initiatives regarding Sustainability

Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

We hereby declare that we will:
Respect human safety, health and nature's activities, reduce the environmental load, and contribute to realize a human society enabling sustainable development through our recording and playback technology pursuit based on our company culture of respecting ingenuity and inventiveness; and
Contribute to the achievement of SDGs through the cooperation and collaboration with people in all walks of life, as a member of the international community.


Sustainability Promotion System

  1. The administrational office has been set up in the General Affairs and Personnel Department to formulate plans, monitor the status of activities, and discuss policies, etc. The Business Strategy Committee, which is composed of executive directors and managers of each department, will decide important matters.
  2. Activities for each theme will be promoted in cooperation with related departments and outside.
  3. Progress will be reported to the Business Strategy Committee regularly and the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis, and the matters disclosed to the public will be approved beforehand by the Executive Committee, which is composed of all directors and managers of each department.


Extraction and decision of the theme

  1. The themes are widely solicited from in our company, and the extracted themes are narrowed down to a few in consideration of feasibility, affinity with our business, expected effects, future development, etc. Business Strategy Committee will determine the annual and medium-term goals for each theme.
  2. Once a year, the activity status and results of existing themes are summarized, and when it is possible to add a theme, additional extraction will be conducted and the decision will be made by the same procedure as in 1 above.


Latest SDGs Activities

Themes Overview Medium-and-long term goals Short term goals Related items of SDGs
  1. Increase of the proportion of women in management postions
Aiming at the equality of the genders. Long-term goals: The ratio of female employees and the ratio of female managers should be the same. As of the end of March 2021: female employee ratio 19.9%, female manager ratio 8.2% Managers: Until March 2025, increase female manager ratio by 1.5% from the ratio as of March 2022.

Female Employees: Until March 2024, increase female employee ratio by 0.4% from the ratio as of March 2022.
  1. Reduction of paper usage
Reduce the amount of paper materials in the office. By 2030, halve the usage amount (from 480,000 sheets), which was tha usage in the fiscal year ending March 2020 before the corona disaster. The goal for the fiscal year ending March 2023 is 92% of the previous amount (from 480,000 to 440,000). SDGsSDGs
  1. Increase of product/part reuse ratios
Increase the reuse rate of repairable audio equipment that has been recovered from the market, which were previously discarded. Aiming to set the reuse ratio of consumer audio equipment to 30% in the fiscal year ending March 2030. Aiming to set the reuse ratio of consumer audio equipment to 10% in the fiscal year ending March 2023. SDGsSDGs